Tuesday 13 June 2017

New Express Entry Rules Benefit Candidates with Siblings In Canada, and More...

Additional Points for Siblings in Canada
The Express Entry system will begin awarding 15 points to candidates with siblings in Canada. To get these points, candidates will need to show that the sibling is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident who is living in Canada and is 18 years of age or older.
The sibling in Canada must share a mother or father with the principal Express Entry applicant or their spouse or common-law partner. This relationship can be through blood, marriage, common-law partnership or adoption.
Studies have shown that as newcomers build a new life in Canada, those with siblings benefit by having improved integration into Canadian society.

Additional Points for Strong French Language Skills
Express Entry candidates with strong French language skills, with or without English language skills, will be awarded additional points by the CRS. A total of 15 additional points will be awarded for test results of the Niveaux de comp├ętence linguistique canadiens (NCLC) at level 7 or higher in all four language skills in French (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and an English test result of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 4 or lower, or no English test at all.
A total of 30 additional points will be awarded for test results of the NCLC at level 7 or higher in all four skills in French and test results of CLB 5 or higher in all four language skills in English.
French-speaking newcomers contribute to the growth, vitality and prosperity of Francophone minority communities across Canada.

Job Bank Registration is Now Voluntary, Not Mandatory
Job Bank registration for Express Entry candidates becomes voluntary for all candidates. Candidates who meet the minimum entry criteria for Express Entry will be automatically placed into the pool and immediately eligible for invitation rounds.
All Express Entry Candidates who would like to start their job search can register for Job Bank. Employers will still be able to use all of their existing recruiting methods, including Job Bank, to find Express Entry candidates.

Candidates Ranked By Their CRS Score
The Express Entry system will rank candidates in the pool by their CRS score.  Where a CRS tie exists, all tied candidates will then be ranked based on the date and time of their profile submission.
Candidates who update their profile with any new information will keep their original date and time stamp.
A new time and date stamp will be issued to candidates:
  • who choose to withdraw their profile  to complete a new one instead of updating their original profile, and,
  • whose profile has expired and they complete and submit a new one.

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